A Monster Smash

This Halloween join the City Adventurers at a comedy murder mystery and raise money for Cancer charities. A Monster Smash A comedy murder mystery for halloween The story so far… In a suburban district of Westfield New Jersey, stands the imposing but somewhat derelict Victorian mansion and funeral home belonging to the De’Bodies family. Popular… More A Monster Smash

The Butler is Dead!

One hot evening this weekend the City Adventurers were mysteriously invited to a fancy dinner party. The host was a man called Butler. He knew all of us guests, but we had not met each other before. Well, some of us had, as two of us were playing Mr and Mrs Choker….. Unfortunately, during dinner,… More The Butler is Dead!

Moonstone Murder Mysteries

Before lockdown we liked going to murder mystery events. Since lockdown a number of companies have moved their shows online. Moonstone Murder Mysteries is one such company. They used to be an entertainment company specialising in dining experiences entertainment, but are currently providing weekly interactive murder mysteries on YouTube. They started series one of their murder… More Moonstone Murder Mysteries

You never know who you will meet over cocktails……

We were sitting back chatting to the other “students” after completing a cocktail masterclass when one of them mentioned her old school. “Oh” I said, “my friend used to go there.” “What was her name?” she asked. “K.S” I replied. “Oh my God! I was at school with her” she exclaimed, before launching into stories… More You never know who you will meet over cocktails……


Celebrating your birthday as an adult often means hitting a bar with your friends for a few drinks. Or maybe going out for a meal with family. Whether you love birthdays or loathe them, you can still have a great time. You may not be able to stop the years, but you can sure enjoy… More Celebrate!

Your good china

Have you noticed that you haven’t used your good china in a decade? Chances are you didn’t use it because it was “for Best”. And now you don’t use it because you’ve acquired an array of mugs you use all the time. You may also make your tea using a teabag in the cup rather than a… More Your good china

Why would you want experiences more than things?

When it comes to money, ‘experiences’ trump ‘things’ Research shows that people value experiences and love creating, sharing and capturing memories. Why? Because experiences help shape identity & create life-long memories. Sharing Experiences with Friends and Family Across the generations, people value sharing experiences with friends and family. By doing so they form closer connections and bonds and deepen relationships. A report conducted… More Why would you want experiences more than things?