Backstairs Billy

William ‘Billy’ Tallon was the Queen Mother’s devoted servant for 51 years. Now a play has been written about this “fabulously camp, larger-than-life character”. Background The Queen Mother’s household was quite unlike any other that survived into the early 21st century, retaining an Edwardian splendour. A very grand household, it employed more than a dozen full-time… More Backstairs Billy

The British Library

Although we have visited special exhibitions at the British Library, the City Adventurers had not visited the permanent exhibition before. The British Library’s permanent exhibition showcases some of the most valuable and significant literary treasures in the world. We headed to The Sir John Ritblat Gallery, which houses the “Treasures of the British Library” exhibition.… More The British Library

Meet the author events

This year the City Adventurers have been lucky enough to meet quite a few authors. Some have spoken about their latest books and given us a reading. Some have discussed how they started their writing careers. Some have spoken about wider issues that have had an impact on their books and others have given helpful advice should we want to write our own book. … More Meet the author events

Ancestor Veneration in Black Communities with Nuzo Onoh

The latest “Meet the Author event” attended by the City Adventurers were different to most. The guest author was Nuzo Onoh who is a Bram Stoker Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. Rather than taking about her latest book – “A Dance for the Dead” – she spoke about Ancestor Veneration in Black Communities.… More Ancestor Veneration in Black Communities with Nuzo Onoh

The National Portrait Gallery

After being closed for refurbishment for ages, the National Portrait Gallery has now reopened. The City Adventurers were able to visit and see its updated facilities as part of a day out in London. The National Portrait Gallery Dedicated to showcasing portraits of historically important and influential individuals throughout British history, the National Portrait Gallery… More The National Portrait Gallery