Logical Mystery? Not for this City Adventurer

You have probably noticed Murdle, a kind of murder-mystery logic puzzle. What started as a daily online mystery game has become a worldwide puzzle phenomenon. It has lead to its creator, G T Karber, producing a bestselling book series. In fact, at the time of writing, there are four Murdle books available. All are available from Amazon

The set up starts the same as a logic puzzle you would find in a puzzle magazine. The difference being that these all involve a mini-mystery challenge where you find whodunit, how, where, and why. You need to examine the clues, interview the witnesses, and use the power of deduction to complete the grid and catch the culprit.

Who committed the ghastly deed?
What weapon was used to dispatch the victim?
Where did the calculated demise occur?

Simple…..Or is it?

Just as others may struggle with Suduko puzzles, I have difficulty with completing the logic grid. The theory, or logic, is there, but one mistake and the whole thing falls apart.

I can easily deduce that the Doctor is called Foster and comes from Gloucester and they have been caught in a shower of rain. However, reading in the other direction, my logic puzzle will show the Doctor from Gloucester, called Foster, is stuck in a snow storm!

If you have ever found your suduko has two 9’s and no 3, you will know that finding where you have made a mistake is a nightmare. In my case, it will not be because I have incorrectly read a clue about a certain character. No, in the above example there will be nothing linking that character to the weather. The problem will come from the clues relating to weather and the other characters!

You see my problem?

I may have all the evidence to make an accusation, but not a complete grid to back up my theory.

So while Logical Mystery puzzles are great for a lot of people, this City Adventurer will be giving them a miss.

Murdle book – photo by Juliamaud
Murdle book – photo by Juliamaud

Follow Up :

Next Blog will tell you what happens when The City Adventurers try taking part in a Logical Mystery Night !

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