Freeze or the Bunny Gets It

The City Adventurers attended a different type of online murder mystery event at Easter. MurderedforMoney now offers a Logical Mystery Night. If you are a fan of logical puzzles like Murdle, you will love these events.

First, you’ll need to examine the clues, weapons, and locations to figure out who had what and where. Then, you’ll need to use your powers of deduction to complete the grid and catch the killer. Simple…….or is it? Readers will know that I do not find logic grids easy, but we decided to give it a try.

Freeze or the Bunny Gets It

Being as this was Easter, the plot involved the Easter Bunny. It appeared that five of the most evil villains in the world were arguing over who was the best blackmailer…..and someone was about to get killed!

Playing the Game

Before the event, we received an email containing the background to the story. We were given instructions on how to prepare for the game as well as how to join and play the game. This time the mystery takes the form of a logic puzzle played in public over zoom.

On the night of the event, we arrived online and were greeted by Detective Logic. He explained how the game worked and gave us a secret password so we could access the complete story and the clues.  

The Plot – It turned out that the police had managed to rescue the Easter Bunny from the clutches of the evil villains. Unfortunately, they were too late to save the Easter Bunny’s friend. There had been a murder! But which one of the evil thugs had committed this heinous crime?

The Clues – There were a wide variety of clues including pictures, documents, video and audio clues. These contained details about the villains, their choice of weapon etc. There were also a few puzzles to solve. All we had to do was to read the clues and complete a logic grid. (A blank logic grid was provided to print off and complete).  

As I said, simple. Oh, and this was a timed event, with a prize for the quickest team as well as a prize for the correct solution. So a little added pressure then.

Having completed the briefing in the main room, we were assigned to breakout rooms so we could discuss our ideas with our team. We were told that we could seek help from other players during the evening, by returning to the main room to discuss our findings. The City Adventurers did not want to discuss their findings with each other, so that idea was a no-go.

We were also told that Detective Logic would give one additional hint at 8.30pm. However, we didn’t actually see him for this clue. I was a little late, returning to the main room just after 8.30. I assumed he would give the same clue to everyone at the same time. However, he appeared to be going to each breakout room in turn, so maybe you could request help with an individual clue rather than being given a generic hint.

Whatever the case, it seemed by 8.30pm a number of people had already submitted their answers and had started the socialising part of the event.

The Solution – All answers had to be submitted by 9.30pm using the detective solution form. As often happens, I only had the name of the murderer, not the completed grid to back up my accusation. Without the full solution I did not feel it worth submitting.

After the submission deadline has passed, the murderer is announced to the attendees in the main room. Then a final email is sent out from the MurderedforMoney team. This contains the answer to the logic puzzle, with the clues and puzzles explained. It also gives the names of the prize winners and the winning time to complete.

Surprisingly, we found we had correctly solved the murder (just not completed the grid to anything resembling logic).

Playing a Logical Mystery Night - photo by Juliamaud!
Playing a Logical Mystery Night – photo by Juliamaud!

Next Logical Murder Mystery

MurderedForMoney’s next virtual event will be a mystery set in a museum, called One of Our Dinosaurs is Dead. It takes place on Saturday 1st June 2024, from 7pm to 9.30pm.

The Plot

The Museum of Natural History is celebrating National Dinosaur Day with a troupe of actors dressed as dinosaurs prowling the corridors. But beware, amidst the roars and stomps of the ancient reptiles, a crime has taken place and one of their number lies dead!

Detective Logic needs your help, so book your tickets at

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