Phantom Peak – Festival of Innovation (Review)

The frost of Wintermas had melted away as the City Adventurers headed to Phantom Peak to see the towns celebrations for their first Festival of Innovation. We had heard our adventure would be part treasure hunt, part immersive theatre, part escape room. What happens in Phantom Peak? This was our first time in Phantom Peak… More Phantom Peak – Festival of Innovation (Review)

Logical Mystery? Not for this City Adventurer

You have probably noticed Murdle, a kind of murder-mystery logic puzzle. What started as a daily online mystery game has become a worldwide puzzle phenomenon. It has lead to its creator, G T Karber, producing a bestselling book series. In fact, at the time of writing, there are four Murdle books available. All are available from… More Logical Mystery? Not for this City Adventurer

City Adventurers Group

I’m finally ready to launch the social group “City Adventurers” and will be blogging about our adventures on the alternative website  as well as here. Please visit us and subscribe to my blogs.

Crossword Puzzle Day 21st December

Crossword Puzzle Day This is your opportunity to start sharpening your pencil and get sharpening your brain. To celebrate Crossword Puzzle Day, try solving a crossword or creating a crossword puzzle of your own. Varieties include acrostic, arroword, and skeleton crosswords, as well as straight and cryptic crossword. Elizabeth Kingsley The first double-crostic puzzle was published… More Crossword Puzzle Day 21st December

Too old for games?

Do you ever feel you are getting too old for games? Well don’t. There is growing evidence that accomplishing novel or challenging tasks can help the brain. And when games are played as a group, they can spark creativity, imagination, and innovation.   Our brains don’t stop growing as we age and its been revealed that the brain… More Too old for games?