The City Adventurers headed into central London to try out the cheekily named Swingers. No, it’s not what you are thinking, but a chance to swing your club playing indoor crazy golf.… More Swingers

A Monster Smash

This Halloween join the City Adventurers at a comedy murder mystery and raise money for Cancer charities. A Monster Smash A comedy murder mystery for halloween The story so far… In a suburban district of Westfield New Jersey, stands the imposing but somewhat derelict Victorian mansion and funeral home belonging to the De’Bodies family. Popular… More A Monster Smash

Things to do at home – Escape rooms in a box – part 13

Time for another escape-room-in-a-box game produced by Deckscape. This time the game was Behind The Curtain and was a magic themed adventure. We’ve always enjoyed playing Deckscape games and were looking forward to this. Unfortunately, for our 13th game it proved “13 – unlucky for some”, as this game was not as good as we… More Things to do at home – Escape rooms in a box – part 13

Fairground Felony

Now it’s summer, the City  Adventurers were excited that Faskin’s Fairground had come to town. Who doesn’t love the thrill of the rides, the sweet sugary smell of candy floss and the sound of the old-time music ringing throughout the park……? However, as we approached the fair, we sensed something was not right. The circus… More Fairground Felony

Things to do at home – Escape rooms in a box – part 12

Escape from the Grand Hotel Continuing our “travels” while isolated at home in London, we took a trip to a Grand Hotel. This is the first Professor Puzzle Escape Room in a box game we have tried. This is a 90 minutes escape game. “Escape from the Grand Hotel” arrived in a beautifully designed box… More Things to do at home – Escape rooms in a box – part 12

The Butler is Dead!

One hot evening this weekend the City Adventurers were mysteriously invited to a fancy dinner party. The host was a man called Butler. He knew all of us guests, but we had not met each other before. Well, some of us had, as two of us were playing Mr and Mrs Choker….. Unfortunately, during dinner,… More The Butler is Dead!