Emporia State University Theatre Arts  performed TOO MANY COOKS from 9th to 12th June in the Bruder Theatre. This was part of their 60th anniversary season. The Canadian comedy has been hailed by critics as “hilarious,” “brilliantly written” and “a huge success.” The plot, taken from the group Facebook page, states “It’s 1932 in Niagara Falls, Canada, where Irving… More TOO MANY COOKS

Agatha Christie – Miss Jane Marple

Agatha Christie used characteristics from several old ladies she’d visited as a child to create the inquisitive Miss Jane Marple of St. Mary Mead. She described the character as being like one of her grandmother’s friends. Miss Marple has appeared in twelve novels, and twenty short stories, including Christie’s last published novel, Sleeping Murder. Miss Jane Marple appears… More Agatha Christie – Miss Jane Marple