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Treasure Hunt Challenge by Treasure Hunts In London
Treasure Hunt Challenge

“Quick, you three get down so I can climb on top” he said.

Yes, this is the sort of challenge you will be faced with on a Treasure Hunts In London adventure for adults.

Since 2013 treasure hunters have been having fun exploring the streets of London and roaming top London museums and galleries in their quest for treasure with Treasure Hunts In London.

With large museums such as the British Museum and the National Gallery, it can be difficult to know where to start first. By coming on a Treasure Hunts In London adventure, players get to investigate the collection and to find areas they’d like to return to and study in more detail.

“People have often told us they have taken friends back to view the collection after the hunt” says Catherine Skeggs, founder of Treasure Hunts In London.

Designed to be played at a walking pace, these hunts allow players to explore their environments rather than race against the clock.

Play to win

It can get competitive as players challenge themselves to solve the clues and find the heritage. Correct answers win points.

And points mean prizes.

It’s also possible to score bonus points by completing the additional challenges. This may be in the form of photo challenges, as above or drawing or writing or even singing challenges.


Treasure hunts in London Singing Challenge
Singing Challenge


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