Have you been good?

In Germany it’s traditional for children to leave their shoes outside their bedroom doors on the 5th December. If they have been good “Nikolaus” will visit during the night to fill their shoes with sweeties.

But if they have been bad, then a knight called Ruprecht visits instead.

Knecht Ruprecht carries a long staff and wears a black or brown robe with a pointed hood and sometimes has bells on his clothes. Although he is a companion of Saint Nicholas, he hands out coal or sticks to naughty children. Or sometimes hits them with his bag of ashes.

So we were both surprised and pleased on our trip to Berlin to find a chocolate Santa hanging outside our hotel door when we awoke on St Nickolas Day.

Chocolate Santa gift


Other Chocolate Santa’s are available

If you’d like a chocolate Santa of your own, a Dairy Milk Santa is available here.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Santa

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