E17 Art Trail

The City Adventurers visited the E17 Art Trail back in 2019. It returns this year from 01 July to 18 July 2021. It offers 300 exhibitions and events across the area from Billet Road and the North Circular to Lea Bridge Road.

There is a handy map that can be seen on the website at https://e17arttrail.splashthat.com/

As there are so many things to see the area has been divided into handy sections. There are

1-24: Blackhorse Trail
25-39: Coppermill Trail
40-59: Markhouse & Leabridge Trail
60-83: Village Trail
84-116: Central Trail
117-136: William Morris Trail
137-152: Chapel End Trail
153-174: Wood Street Trail

There are also off-the-map and online events.

Photo by Anni Roenkae on Pexels.com

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