Why Wine is Good

Wine has been with us for centuries.

Wine jars from 7000 B.C from ancient China indicate wine being made by fermenting fruit, rice and honey. In 4000 B.C. ancient Egypt considered beer as one of the foods of life and a dietary staple.

5 scientific reasons why drinking wine is good

The Evening Standard also produced a list of reasons why drinking wine is good for you. The reasons given were:

  • It can prevent heart disease
  • It can prevent cancer
  • It keeps your bones strong
  • It can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s
  • It can boost your mood

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Don’t buy cheap wine.

Did you know that wine is taxed twice? In addition to VAT at 20 per cent, wine also carries a duty. The duty is a fixed rate per bottle and is currently set at £2.05 per bottle. Tom Forrest, Head Sommelier at Vinopolis, notes in the Evening Standard that the duty bears no relation to the cost or quality of the wine. So once you deduct the cost of duty from your bottle of wine, the cost that is left should indicate the quality of the wine (including VAT).

Store wine under the stairs.

When storing wine at home, bear in mind that wine should be kept in a stable environment. The best storage is at 12 deg C, which is the temperature of a cellar. As Tom Forrest notes in the Evening Standard it is advisable to avoid the attic and the garage due to temperature fluctuations and to avoid the kitchen, which is too warm. He suggests storing wine at home under the stairs. Otherwise he advises buying a specially designed wine storage cabinet that controls humidity and temperature.

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