Christmas Games

Christmas Party Games

If you are throwing a Christmas party this year add some fun to your celebration with some party games.

  1. Christmas who am I? When guests arrive attach a sticker on their back with someone or something related to Christmas written on it. Throughout the party they can asks other guests yes or no questions to try to figure out who/what they are.
  2. Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, get your guests to pin a red nose on Rudolph.
  3. Christmas song Charades. Don’t just stick to carols, include popular Christmas songs.
  4. Snowman wrapping contest. Just like the birthday favourite of “Mummy Wrapping” make the wrapped person into a snowman, by wrapping in toilet paper. Decorate with a hat and scarf.
  5. Alternatively, split into teams and decorate a person of each team as a Christmas tree. Cover them with tinsel and ornaments, and place a few parcels around their feet.
  6. Christmas guessing game. Fill an opaque stocking with items around the house and let guests guess what items are in the stocking. Make sure there are no breakables inside.

Children’s party ideas from ITM Games


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