Gunpowder Park to Enfield Lock

Gunpowder Park is a Green Flag winning park with an explosive history. Formerly a Royal Ordnance site for munitions testing, it is now a 222 acre country park with fields, wild flowers, woodland and lakes.

Gunpowder Park is situated south of Waltham Abbey, near Enfield Island Village. Enfield Island Village used to be The Royal Small Arms Factory. The factory was built towards the end of the Napoleonic War. Now it is a housing development, with an historic Water Tower.

Parking is available for a charge, so we parked the car and took a walk through the park to Enfield Lock.

Enfield Lock was rebuilt in 1922 although a lock has been on this site since 1725. At the lock are red brick cottages and a Lee Conservancy Board toll office of 1889. The area forms part of the Lee Valley Park and the Enfield Lock Conservation Area.

Gunpowder Park

Enfield Lock

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