Finding the perfect shoes


Having long narrow feet, I always struggled to find shoes that fit. Consequently, while my friends developed a love of shoe shopping, the whole idea left me cold.

Then Sarah Jessica Parker brought her “Manolo’s” into mainstream conversation and suddenly everyone knew about shoes and shoe designers.

Killer heels may look fantastic, but what if you can’t wear higher heels? Comfort should  always be a consideration.

Jackie Walker has this advice in Better After 50

“1.  Never buy shoes in the morning! As the day progresses your reality size will occur. 

2.  Make sure the persona of your clothing matches the persona of your shoes.

3. One focal point per outfit.

4. When shopping for sale shoes ask yourself if you would pay regular price for the pair –  If not..Put them back.

5.  Review all of your shoes before shoe shopping. You may tend to duplicate.

6.  Sizing up a half-size insures comfort.

7.  If you find one pair that supplies comfort and style, purchase a second pair in a needed color.”

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