Christmas Mystery Games

How about planning a pre-Christmas mystery party for your children?

ITM Games have games suitable for teens, as well as children.

For Teens try “Who Slayed Santa?”

It’s Christmas 1979 and School is nearly out….

The year, and the decade, was about to end with a Christmas disco to remember.

It was 6pm as the gang assembled in the foyer to check that everything was ready. The first thing they all saw was “The Winter Wonderland” display erected in the school foyer. It depicted Santa Claus and his Reindeer. Only now the display was covered in red paint……… Who would possibly do such an act of vandalism, and why?

This role playing game is suitable for ages 11 and above and is available 6 players (6 girls) or 9 players (5 girls and 4 boys)

Purchase & Download – 6 Players (6 Girls)

Purchase & Download – 9 players (mixed – 5 girls and 4 boys)

For younger children, “The Mystery of the Missing Reindeer”

The ITM Games range of children’s mystery games are especially designed for little ones. They provide children with an entertaining mystery to solve. The guests play games, construct crafts, solve clues and puzzles.

The Mystery of the Missing Reindeer is an Invitation To Mystery Children’s Game for 6 Players

T’was the night before christmas and the elves are making the final preparations at the North Pole. Suddenly there is a disaster. Someone has stolen all of Santa’s reindeer! Join the elves as they travel to rescue the reindeer in time for the Christmas deliveries. This game is aimed at children aged 5 to 9 years, although it can be enjoyed by younger and older guests. To save Christmas, the kids must solve puzzles, play games and assemble easy craft projects as they try to solve the mystery and rescue the kidnapped reindeer.

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