How long do you spend online?

A recent Ofcom report suggests a lot of us spend too much time online.

The survey of 2,025 adults and 500 teenagers reveals the ways in which internet reliance is starting to affect our personal and working lives.

Adult users in the UK currently spend an average of 25 hours (over one whole day) a week  online. 42% say they go online or check apps more than 10 times a day and around one in 10 (11%) access the internet more than 50 times a day.



The report even showed a quarter of adults have sent a text or instant message to friends or family while in the same room.

What happened to talking to each other?

With a possible addiction to technology and the internet, 15 Million Britons have admitted to ditching their devices for a digital detox.


Could you go on holiday without your phone?

Maybe, but it depends what you usually use it for.

To check in with what’s happening at home? No, that’s why you’ve gone away – to get away from things and experience something new.

To check out what’s available in the local area? Yes, the internet can highlight the incredible sights and activities nearby.

And what about taking photos? If you don’t take a camera, a camera on your phone can capture the must-have photos that will help the memories live on.(And you don’t need to Instagram/Pintrest everything).

Want to get offline and share fun activities?

Make sure you schedule time to spend with friends and family. Sharing experiences with friends and family, forms closer connections and bonds and deepens relationships.

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