International Buy a Priest a Beer Day

When my friend, a vicar’s daughter who is also the wife of a vicar, sent me details of International Buy a Priest a Beer Day I thought it was a joke. But no, this is a real day. It takes place annually on September 9.

On this festive day, the faithful all over the world take their priests or pastors out for a beer and get to know them better.

A new fad? Well online reports state that this tradition that goes back to the time of St. Hopswald of Aleyard. He is credited as the first man to take his priest out for a beer……but on digging a little further you’ll discover that St. Hopswald of Aleyard is completely made up.

So is this a cynical attempt by the brewing industry to sell more beer? It seems this is more an attempt to show that members of the clergy are real people, too. They enjoy socialising over good food and drink as much as anyone.

So seek out your local vicar and share a pint with him or her. (Non-alcoholic for Methodist ministers)

An Anglican priest wearing a chasuble over alb and stole. Author Gareth Hughes

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