Explore London on a self guided Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunts in London are famous for producing managed treasure hunts discovering London’s heritage treasures. Now you can experience their hunts on a self-guided adventure.

The ClueKeeper app.

Family friendly hunts by Treasure Hunts in London are available on the ClueKeeper free mobile app.
The ClueKeeper app will guide you where to go, give you clues, provide hints, and accept answers. Once you have provided the correct answer, you will get instructions on where to go for the next puzzle. Note: hints become available over time, and you will be able to skip puzzles if you must.

The hunts costs $14.99 per team and only one person per team needs to download the ClueKeeper app and Hunt.

Hunts currently available include Discover London Street Art exploring Brixton and Fairytale in the City exploring Spitalfields.

Looking for Street art in Brixton

Discover London Street Art

Hunts by Treasure Hunts in London are available on ClueKeeper


Fairytale in the City

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