Why read your books on a Kindle E-Reader?

Why would you read your books on a Kindle?

Well,  the text can be made bigger or smaller allowing you to easily read the page.

And it holds your place in the book when you turn it off.

You can also see at a glance how long it will take to finish a chapter or book. Based on your reading speed, the Time to Read feature is personalised to you the reader. It is constantly updated as your speed and habits change.

One complaint with reading on a  tablet and smartphone is the reflections. However the latest Kindles do not have the annoying glare of a reflective  screen, making them more akin to reading paper.

Want to read in bed? Recent studies by the Harvard Health Publication have shown that evening exposure to blue light from backlit screens such as tablets and smartphones can suppress the body’s production of melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone that helps the body fall asleep. However, the Kindle display emits no light, so can be read at anytime.

Amazon stocks a range of Kindles to suit your needs, from the Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite to the Kindle Voyage and Kindle Oasis.

The number 1 book on social team building – What are we going to do next? – the book on social team building and finding fun for city adventurers – is now available on Kindle as well as in paperback.

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