Meadow Taylor’s Christmas in……

Plot via Amazon:

Fresh from her divorce, Jenny agrees to spend the holiday season in San Francisco with her ex-husband George getting to know their son’s new fiancée. Seeing George, as handsome and charming as ever, Jenny realizes that while he has moved on, she has not. It is at best a Christmas to be survived.
When their Alcatraz tour goes awry and the pair are trapped in the infamous prison during the worst storm in San Francisco’s history, survival becomes literal. But damn if her ex doesn’t look good – George Clooney good. His backpack is filled with airline bottles of booze and if they don’t get killed by the storm or the prison’s ghosts, maybe this Christmas can be saved after all…

Paula decides to spend Christmas alone in the gorgeous city of Bruges. However, her old college boyfriend, and very first love, James is also spending time in the city. A surprise encounter leads to a walk through the snowy streets, and talk of the paths their lives have taken over the past nine years. It seems that love is in the air as Christmas Day approaches, until James’s painful war memories of his time as a medic in Afghanistan, threaten their rekindled love.

Plot via Amazon:

Olivia’s Christmas trip to Venice, Italy, should be a holiday dream come true. But when her unattended luggage becomes the focus of a handsome Italian policeman’s bomb investigation, she worries she won’t even make it out of the Marco Polo Airport. Practically handcuffed to the best-looking man she’s ever seen, can Olivia convince him she isn’t a terrorist before he writes her off for good?

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