International Thank You Day

Back in 2014 Geoff Kirkwood and Charles Alder spotted a lack of acknowledgement, appreciation and gratitude. Customers in restaurants failed to acknowledge staff attending to them, cashiers failed to say thank you to customers and recipients of charities failed to say thank you. Across the board they heard, “That is so true”, “My boss never says Thank You”, “kids have terrible manners”.

So these Australian businessmen set out to change things by launching  “The Thank You Campaign”, a worldwide campaign to bring “Thank You” back to life. They started with the World Thank You Day in 2014. With the backing of Brisbane City Council in Australia, they were able to extend the campaign worldwide, where it became International Thank You Day.

Thanks - photo by Wokandapix

The ITM Games Group would like to say Thank You to all the people we have worked with and worked for. Let’s keep sharing the fun together in the future.

Thank You

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