Going In Style

Going in Style is a remake of the 1979 film of the same name. However there are lots of  differences in the plot of the new film. Both are based on the short story “Here on a Visit” by Edward Cannon

The original starred George Burns as Joe, Art Carney as Al and Lee Strasberg as Willie, three senior citizens who share a small apartment in New York. In a bid to break the monotony Joe suggests: “How would you guys like to go on a stick-up?” even though they have no experience as criminals.


In the new film, Joe, Willie, and Al are still senior citizens and lifelong friends.  However they turn to crime not to break the boredom, but to get back their pension money.

It turns out that the company the friends worked for has been bought out and their pensions are being lost in the restructuring. Al, played by Alan Arkin, is the only one who appears to have anything of a rosy future, as he is being pursued by the grandmother of one of his music students. Joe, on the other hand, played by Michael Caine, discovers he, his daughter and granddaughter are about to be made homeless. Willie, played by Morgan Freeman, finds out he has kidney failure and needs a transplant.

 Desperate times call for desperate measures and the three friends decide they will take back what is rightfully theirs by robbing the bank that is responsible for the restructure of their pension funds.

In the original the trio disguised themselves with Groucho Marx Glasses. This time the trio disguise themselves as members of “The Rat Pack”.

Do they find someone who can help them plan a robbery? Will they get away with it? That would be telling. You’ll have to see the film to find out.

Spoiler: – Originally, the three old-timers didn’t live happily ever after once they got away with the goods. Two of them died and the other surrendered and served time…..But the good news is the ending of the new film is a lot rosier than the original. In fact one reviewer commented “The message of this film is to chase after your dreams, no matter how old you are.”

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