Why take a self guided treasure hunt?

Summer is here
Summer is here

The sun is shining, so it’s time to get outside.

Yes, it’s hard to get motivated to go walking when the weather is bad.

But now that summer is here there is no excuse to stay inside. Time to brush off the cobwebs and get moving.

Walking is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to exercise. And exercise brings so many physical and psychological benefits that it’s important keep active.

Find the idea of walking without a purpose boring? it need not be. Anyone who wants to explore their city as well as getting fit should consider using a treasure hunt app.

Benefits of going on a lunchtime treasure hunt.

Instead of going out for a lunchtime stroll, how about going out for a lunchtime treasure hunt?

The NHS recommends adults exercise for 150 minutes each week to stay healthy, and going for a walk is one of the easiest ways to incorporate exercise into your routine. So, if you were going out to grab some lunch anyway, why don’t you go out hunting for clues at the same time as hunting for sustenance.

Treasure Hunts In London offer a range of treasure hunts you can play on your phone using the ClueKeeper app. All you have to do is grab your phone or tablet, download the free app that is available for android and iOS smartphones and tablets, buy the hunt of your choice and head out to solve the puzzles.

This is a great way to explore the area around your office. Or visit a new area to explore.

A sense of adventure

Treasure Hunts In London have designed a number of heritage based hunts throughout the UK that are available to download to your phone or tablet. Each treasure hunt is uniquely themed and takes treasure hunters on an exploration answering clues and discovering arts, heritage and culture.

Using the ClueKeeper app, Treasure Hunts In London currently offers trails in London, as well as one at the National Museum Cardiff

Outdoor hunt by Treasure hunts In London
Outdoor hunt by Treasure hunts In London

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