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As you settle back on your sofa to watch the latest murder mystery, do you ever think that you could be solve the case as well as the detective could?

Do you often find that you have guessed who did it long before anyone else has a clue?

Then put your skills to the test with

an ITM Games Murder Mystery

Over dinner you will embark on a quest to find out ‘Whodunnit?’ Will you be able to unmask the culprit while fending off questions about yourself?


  • Who killed _____________
  • What were they killed with?
  • And Where were they killed?
  • Was it __________ with the _________ in the _______?
  • Or ____________ with a _________ in the _________?
 You must investigate the crime and make your accusation before all is revealed.
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ITM Games – Murder Mystery Games

 ITM Games offer a number of Murder Mystery Games

All are available to download and play at home.
To choose your investigation visit ITM Games 


Share your passion for investigation with an ITM Games Murder Mystery party

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