Explore Green Spaces in the sunshine

Claire was fed up. The sun was shining and she wanted to go outside, but here she was, stuck in her office, gazing out at the park opposite.

She wondered what secrets were hidden behind the wrought iron gates. She felt sure there was more to be found than an expanse of grass and a few flower borders.

Claire was right to wonder.

All the London boroughs provide green spaces and all the parks are different. While the sun is shining, why not get out and explore.

Alice through the looking glass
Costumed Explainer hands out clues at a managed event

Fancy exploring the green spaces of London?

Treasure Hunts in London offer a range of fully managed and self guided hunts to get you out and about. Some of them help you to find heritage in parks, gardens and open spaces.

Self guided Treasure Hunts In London adventures

Vauxhall – Park Life is now available on the ClueKeeper app. The Park Life hunt explores parks and open spaces in Vauxhall.

The London Borough of Lambeth has over 64 areas of parks and open spaces. As well as its 12 Green Flag Award-winning parks, the urban setting has small areas of green oasis. Treasure Hunts in London offers you the chance to discover eight  of these parks and gardens, including three which have been awarded the prestigious Green Flag Award.

  • Treasure Hunts In London self guided hunts are available via ClueKepper.
  • The ClueKeeper app is available on the App Store or Google Play.
  • You can even use the hunts as walking tours using the skip answer function.

Managed Treasure Hunts In London adventures

Rule Britannia – the Royal Hunt can be booked as a private treasure hunt for your group. This fully managed Treasure Hunts In London adventure includes Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

jumping for joy
jumping for joy on the Rule Britannia Treasure Hunt by Treasure Hunts In London



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