The Artists and Artisans Treasure Hunt and Drinks Party

Become a Treasure Hunter 

Carrie and her team were excited to be taking part in a Treasure Hunts In London Adventure. They had heard that each hunt had a unique theme and they were keen to discover what the Artists and Artisans Treasure Hunt had in store.

After registering with the costumed Treasure Hunts in London hosts, the team were given instructions and an explorer pack each containing a clue booklet and pen. Then they were free to explore the area around Trafalgar Square.

Along streets and down alleyways they went, discovering interesting items as they hunted down answers to clues. Across squares and gardens their quest led them, as they solvied puzzles and challenges.

After hunt party

When they had completed their mission, the fun continued with the after hunt party. Carrie and her team got to share stories with other hunters over a drink while the scores were calculated.

Had they scored enough to claim the winning prize?

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Treasure Hunters in Trafalgar Square.copyright Juliamaud
Treasure Hunters in Trafalgar Square. Photo copyright Juliamaud

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