Solving clues and puzzles to escape 

Playing games is fun and playing clue solving games can be even more fun, as you work with your friends rather than against them.

Escape Rooms

Popular with all ages, the team are trapped within a room and have a set time limit to escape. To get out, they need to work together to solve puzzles to. Requiring teamwork and communication skills, escape rooms can also be used as corporate team-building events.

Chris Dickson told the BBC back in 2015 that people like playing escape rooms “because they like surprising themselves. A good puzzle will look impossible at first, but is designed to be solved. If you find a way to solve it you’ll feel good about yourself.”

There are now more than 800 escape rooms in the UK, including the world’s first escape
game in a working church.  Blickling Church in Norfolk is where Anne Boleyn worshipped as a girl. It now houses an escape room that gets players to race against time to get Anne to the altar, as the bride of King Henry the Eighth.

Nearby, Norwich Guildhall hosts “Archived Alive!”, an escape room that warns the town historian will be history – unless you can save him!

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