Do you ever start reading a book and realise it’s not what you thought it was?

Having read a lot of murder mystery books recently (check out reviews on I decided to read something for a change. How about a nice little winters tale?

So I picked up Coming Home To A Winter Wonderland by international best selling author Nora Roberts.

The blurb told me it was a Christmas story about second chances. The plot saw Pandora McVie and Michael Donahue, named beneficiaries of their Uncle Jolley’s will, forced to live together in Jolley’s home for six months to claim the inheritance. I had visions of it being a comedic romp along the lines of Brewster’s Millions

Alas it was not to be.

The first chapter started well enough with the reading of the will. Pandora and Michael discover they are beneficiaries of their Uncle Jolley’s will, much to the shock of the other relatives. Chapter two sees them move into the house together and set up some rules to live by. And that’s when I noticed the language. Very Mills and Boon. But wait…..Checking the cover, I found I was actually reading a Mills and Boon novel!

I read quite a few of them in my teenage years, but it’s not the sort of novel I read now. I struggled on for a few pages and decided to skip to the end.

The final chapter was surprising. It seems I’d missed out a lot more than boy-meets-girl, they-hate-each-other, they-fall-in-love-but-can’t-admit-it, they-finally-declare-their feelings…..The book included a plot to stop them inheriting and even attempted murder! So much for trying to read something that didn’t involve another murder mystery.

So, not the book for me. But if you like Mills and Boon, give it a go.

coming home to the winter wonderland
coming home to the winter wonderland

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