Day trip to the Science Museum

Ancient Greeks: Science and Wisdom 

The City Adventurers headed to the Science Museum in London to see their exhibition Ancient Greeks: Science and Wisdom.

“Through the intellectual fusion of the arts, science and religion, ancient Greek thinkers sought to understand the world in a logical and mathematical way.”

Although the exhibition covers 7 areas. it was smaller than we imagined. After the introduction we were in to the “Intellectual inspiration” area. A brief video explained the nine Muses and how the word ‘museum’ comes from the ancient Greek ‘a shrine of the Muses’.

From there we moved on to “Perilous seas”, “Animal worlds” and “The mathematical body”. We engaged in the hands-on exhibit within “Harmonious music” and watched another video in “Starry cosmos”

Ancient Greeks - photo by Juliamaud
Ancient Greeks – photo by Juliamaud

As well as having coffee and a refreshing ice-cream (black coconut is delicious), we visited some of the other galleries before heading for the shop.

city adventurers at science museum
city adventurers at science museum

The Clockmakers’ Museum

We were really impressed by the clockmakers museum which tells the history of watch and clock making in London from 1600 to the present day. the collection includes more than 600 watches, 90 clocks and 30 marine chronometers.

A fun day out at the Science Museum

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