Ancestor Veneration in Black Communities with Nuzo Onoh

The latest “Meet the Author event” attended by the City Adventurers were different to most. The guest author was Nuzo Onoh who is a Bram Stoker Lifetime Achievement Award recipient. Rather than taking about her latest book – “A Dance for the Dead” – she spoke about Ancestor Veneration in Black Communities.

Nuzo Onoh knows a lot about Ancestor Veneration around the world. She has written about asking your ancestors for help in her book “Call Your Ancestors For Success & Happiness”. Why would you call them? Well, they still have your best interests at heart even when they have passed over. Her book aims to immerse you in the folklore and traditions of the Igbo people who are her ancestors. 

The evening began with a talk about Ancestor Veneration around the world in general and in Black Communities in particular. this was followed by a very lively debate with the audience about life, death, the afterlife and everything in between! Not your usual author night.

Very entertaining and also very eye opening. It left us all with something to think about and discuss for a long time afterwards.

Call Your Ancestors For Success & Happiness

If you’ve ever felt lonely, depressed, anxious or debt-weary, then you need to harness a secret weapon which is yours by your DNA – Your loving ancestors! Know this truth today – Your ancestors live. They hear you; their destiny is vested in you and they will use every power they possess, every knowledge, everything in them to answer your call in your deepest pain and greatest trouble.This special book will direct you to the people that have loved you the best, the people whose existence you validate, the people who will move the heavens to ensure their descendant, their child, YOU, has the best that the universe can offer – Your Ancestors!

A Dance For the Dead – plot

On a moon-lit night, Diké , heir to the Kingdom and leader of the terrifying warrior cult, the Ogwumii, falls asleep inside his bedroom. He wakes up to find himself trapped within the secret shrine of the village deity, a dark cave forbidden to all save the powerful witchdoctors. Overnight, the mighty warrior-prince becomes an Osu― an untouchable and outcast. In disgraced exile in the forbidden shrine, his sole companion is the raging ghost of a murdered slave girl, wrongly sacrificed to the gods on the false prophecy of a lecherous witchdoctor. To break the Osu curse, Diké must find the traitors who orchestrated his downfall and embark on a terrifying journey to the ancestors’ realm, a deadly quest that could end his life or return him to full citizenship and glory.

Author Bio – Nuzo Onoh

Nuzo Onoh is an award-winning Nigerian-British writer of Igbo descent. She is a pioneer of the African horror literary genre. Hailed as the “Queen of African Horror”, Nuzo’s writing showcases both the beautiful and horrific in the African culture within fictitious narratives.

Nuzo’s works have featured in numerous magazines and anthologies. She has given talks and lectures about African Horror, including at the prestigious Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies, London. Her works have appeared in academic studies and been longlisted and shortlisted. She is a Bram Stoker Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

Nuzo holds a Law degree and Masters degree in Writing, both from Warwick University, England. She is a certified Civil Funeral Celebrant, licensed to conduct non-religious burial services. An avid musician with an addiction to Jungyup and K-indie, Nuzo plays both the guitar and piano, and holds an NVQ in Digital Music Production. She resides in the West Midlands, United Kingdom.

“A Dance for the Dead” is available from Amazon

Call Your Ancestors For Success & Happiness is available from Amazon

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