Meet the author events

This year the City Adventurers have been lucky enough to meet quite a few authors, including :-

Rebecca Tope – Author of two major murder mystery series

Ruth Ware – British psychological thriller author.

L C Tyler – British writer of comic crime fiction

James Flanagan – Sci-fi novelist

Christel Holst-Sande Cowdrey – Author of How to Fire Your Husband in Easy Steps

Ola Awonubi – Author of A Nurses Tale, inspired by a true story

Nuzo Onoh – Bram Stoker Lifetime Achievement Award recipient and “Queen of African Horror”.

Nasha Solim – Walthamstow Born Poet and Social Activist

Some have spoken about their latest books and given us a reading. Some have discussed how they started their writing careers. Some have spoken about wider issues that have had an impact on their books and others have given helpful advice should we want to write our own book. All talks have been very informative and a real eye opener.

We now have a pile of books to read over the holiday season. If you want to check out some books by these and other authors, please visit our bookshop at City Adventurers Solve The Murder. It’s not just mystery books either. You can use the search function to search for any author you want.

We look forward to more Author events in the coming year. Why not come with us at The City Adventurers ?

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