The City Adventurers meet James Flanagan

By day James Flanagan is an academic scientist with a Ph.D. in cancer genetics, working at Imperial College London, who has authored over 90 scientific publications. But he is also an author of speculative fiction with publications in Nonbinary Review, EverydayFiction, Dark Drabbles anthology, and the forthcoming 42 Stories Anthology.

The City Adventurers met up with him as he gave a talk about his debut novel – GENEFIRE

The City Adventurers meet James Flanagan
The City Adventurers meet James Flanagan

The Plot

Sometimes it feels as though the world will end if you don’t finish your PhD. For Larry Milton, it’s true.

Larry has discovered a dire warning from the future about Earth’s destruction — written in the DNA of a young girl.

With the destruction of the planet at stake, and no one believing him, he goes to extraordinary lengths to help the messenger from the future save the world… and try to finish his PhD at the same time.

GENEFIRE: a near-future SciFi novel crossing space and time. In a future where genetic engineering is becoming the norm, even the simplest mistakes could be devastating.

GENEFIRE is available from Amazon

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