Summer Theatre Trips

Throughout the summer the City Adventurers have been lucky enough to visit quite a few shows.

We had booked to see Wish you were Dead before the train strike was announced so it was a quick scramble to find transportation. However, it all worked out OK in the end (Thanks Sheila) and we had a lovely lunch in Dartford followed by our trip to the theatre.

City Adventurers at Dartford Theatre - photo by Juliamaud
City Adventurers at Dartford Theatre – photo by Juliamaud

Next up was a concert at The Albert Hall. We really enjoyed Video Games in Concert by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. Fantastic music and a wonderful view of the orchestra.

The Royal Albert Hall - photo by Juliamaud
The Royal Albert Hall – photo by Juliamaud

Then it was another murder to solve. This time it was The Beakington Town Hall Murders. We threw in a couple of TV recordings to liven things up…….then it was back to the theatre with the Rock Musical ‘Tarantino Live’.

We learnt about a long running dispute when we visited Laurel & Chaplin – The Feud and meet one of the cast (Suzie Houlihan) when we saw Over Influenced at the Camden Festival.

Meeting Suzie Houlihan after Over Influenced.
Meeting Suzie Houlihan after Over Influenced.

We were also hoping to see Crimes on the Centre Court, but unfortunately the performance was cancelled.

While visiting the Hull Truck Company we got to see the Via Berlin & Cello Octet Amsterdam production called Instant Loneliness. Very avant-garde and definitely not a feel-good performance!

As for West End Shows, a few of us enjoyed seeing Crazy For You with its wonderful singing and dancing. Others visited Tina Turner – The Musical and Frozen.

And we roared with laughter at Mrs Doubtfire and had another hilarious outing to The Crown Jewels.

Our group also saw the wonderful production of Death Note: The Musical, based on the Japanese manga series.

Enjoying an after-show meal
Enjoying an after-show meal

What would a trip to the theatre be without a pre- or post- theatre meal out?

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