Backstairs Billy

William ‘Billy’ Tallon was the Queen Mother’s devoted servant for 51 years. Now a play has been written about this “fabulously camp, larger-than-life character”. Background The Queen Mother’s household was quite unlike any other that survived into the early 21st century, retaining an Edwardian splendour. A very grand household, it employed more than a dozen full-time… More Backstairs Billy

Summer Theatre Trips

Throughout the summer the City Adventurers have been lucky enough to visit quite a few shows. We had booked to see Wish you were Dead before the train strike was announced so it was a quick scramble to find transportation. However, it all worked out OK in the end (Thanks Sheila) and we had a lovely lunch… More Summer Theatre Trips

Journeys of Discovery

The City Adventurers have decided to take a trip to the Royal Festival Hall to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. They are performing a series of events called Journeys of Discovery. Journeys of Discovery “What does it mean to be human? What is our place in the world? What are we dreaming of? These are fundamental… More Journeys of Discovery