Birthday of the author of the Philip Marlowe detective stories

Raymond Chandler was born on July 23 in 1888.

Raymond Chandler is best known for the character of Philip Marlowe. This tough but extremely ethical “private eye,” was the main character throughout most of his works.

Although born in America, Raymond Chandler spent most of his early life in England. After studying in London, he travelled to France and Germany for further study. Having returned to the United States in his twenties,when World War I broke out he went back to Europe, serving  in the Canadian Army, then the Royal Air Force.

During the Depression, he lost his job as an oil company executive and instead decided to write detective fiction. He was already in his mid-foties when he decided to become a full-time writer, producing many highly acclaimed short stories, novels and screenplays.

Actress Betsy Jones-Moreland in episode
Actress Betsy Jones-Moreland in episode “Murder Is A Grave Affair” of the serie “Philip Marlowe” (Public Domain)
Raymond Chandler
Born: July 23, 1888
Died: March 26, 1959

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