Three Exhibitions and a Treasure Hunt – part 2

The City Adventurers spent a day exploring the National Gallery in London. We visited three exhibitions, as well as exploring the permanent collection. There are two paid exhibitions on until 26 January 2020.

Part 2 – Gauguin Portraits

Gauguin Portraits, located in the Sainsbury wing, is the first-ever exhibition devoted to the portraits of Paul Gauguin. Unlike the Leonardo exhibition, this one is a conventional exhibition. There is a lot of art work on display and no interactive elements.

Spanning seven rooms, the exhibition showcases the art work of Gauguin from his early years in Europe to his later years in French Polynesia. Featuring about fifty works,  including paintings, works on paper, and three-dimensional objects, it aims to show how the French artist revolutionised the portrait. There is also a short film after the exhibition.

Standard admission

£22 Monday – Friday
£24 Saturday – Sunday

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