Three Exhibitions and a Treasure Hunt – part 3

The City Adventurers spent a day exploring the National Gallery in London. We visited three exhibitions, as well as exploring the permanent collection. Until 1 March 2020, a free exhibition is being staged in Room 1, called “Young Bomberg and the Old Masters”.

Part 3 – Young Bomberg and the Old Masters

This exhibition displays some of David Bomberg’s earliest paintings alongside the works that inspired him. It reveals how Bomberg’s rebellious, youthful works drew inspiration from the paintings he most admired in the Gallery.

As you go around the permanent collection, you also come across references to the Young Bomberg and the Old Masters exhibition. For example at The Entombment (or Christ being carried to his Tomb) by Michelangelo and The Baptism of Christ by Piero della Francesca.


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