Rule, Britannia

On September 9 2015, the Queen will pass the record set by Queen Victoria to become the longest ever reigning monarch in British history. Although September 9th 2015 marks a historical landmark for the United Kingdom,  no official celebrations are planned. Instead, The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh  will visit Edinburgh, Midlothian and Tweedbank for the Scottish Borders Railway opening celebrations on that day.

Buckingham Palace by Juliamaud
Buckingham Palace

 Unofficial celebrations

Just as the subjects of George III marked his Golden Jubilee without him, Treasure Hunts in London are marking the Queen’s special occasion by organising a Royalty-themed Treasure Hunt.

For the Golden Jubilee of George III on October 25 1809, the ageing monarch remained in seclusion at Windsor Castle. Very few of his subjects were able to see his modest celebration,  and so they arranged their own celebrations in locations across the country. According to The Telegraph “Their disparate junketings included throwing cakes from the roof of the Market House in Abingdon and freeing Danish prisoners of war in Reading.” No cakes will be thrown nor prisoners released during this treasure hunt.

Instead, as with other Treasure Hunts in London events, there will be themed clues to solve, puzzles, photo challenges and assignments. This hunt starts when the teams collect clue packs and ends with a drink and  prize giving at a nearby pub.

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