Top 20 Signs of Middle Age


Top 20 signs of middle age from

1. Losing touch with everyday technology such as tablets and TVs
2. Finding you have no idea what ‘young people’ are talking about
3. Feeling stiff
4. Needing an afternoon nap
5. Groaning when you bend down
6. Not remembering the name of any modern bands
7. Talking a lot about your joints/ailments
8. Hating noisy pubs
9. Getting more hairy – ears, eyebrows, nose, face etc.
10. Thinking policemen/teachers/doctors look really young
11. Preferring a night in with a board game than a night on the town
12. You don’t know any songs in the top ten
13. Choosing clothes and shoes for comfort rather than style
14. Taking a flask of tea on a day out
15. Obsessive gardening or bird feeding
16. Thinking there is nothing wrong with wearing an anorak
17. Forgetting people’s names
18. Booking on to a cruise
19. Misplacing your glasses / bag / car keys etc.
20. Complaining about the rubbish on television these days

How many can you relate to?


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