Are you a Middle-Aged Cliche?

We’re not talking about buying a sports car, or even trying to relive our youth, here. No, here are 11 things that the Huffington Post lists as ways to tell if you are becoming “A Middle-Aged Cliche”.

1. When the phone rings after 9 p.m., you are immediately certain it’s something bad.

2. You immediately want to know the cause of death for anyone younger than you.

3. You now believe that cruises are a great way to travel.

4. Eating dinner past 6:30 p.m. feels late.

5. You need a really good reason to stay awake past 10 p.m.

6. Whenever you pass an RV on the road, you look inside to see if the driver is older than you.

7. You haven’t used your good china in a decade.

8. You have an orange Le Creuset Dutch Oven that you got on sale.

9. You keep buying the same clothes.

10. You want a walking pole for Christmas

11. Your retirement plans include a kiln.

How many can you relate to?


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