Feel like throwing a party?

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With the warmer weather, consider holding a party outside. Arrange tea lights in jars around the garden to add light to an after-dark party. Remember with all candle products to keep an eye on them to stop the wind from blowing them out and to ensure they don’t set fire to your plants. Background music can add to the mood of the party. Just make sure you don’t have it so loud it annoys the neighbourhood.

Then consider the food and drinks. Cooking for a crowd can be stressful so why not ask your guests to bring a dish to share. People are usually happy to contribute. Try and get a vague idea of what everyone’s bringing, so they don’t all bring the same thing…..and to clarify they need to bring a dish full of something, not just an empty dish.

See if your local supermarket or off-license provides free glass hire. Using reusable glassware/crockery/cutlery is the sustainable choice, but plastic cups and paper plates are safer in the garden. Similarly, stash away any breakable objects if you think your do might get a bit rowdy.

Want to add a bit more entertainment?

Why not set a theme, get everyone to dress up, and even add a mystery party game?

A selection of role-playing party games is available from ITM Games. They have 6 to 12 main suspects. The murderer is not revealed until the solution, allowing all your guests to fully participate in the investigation.

No Malist Aforethought by ITM Games

For example, No Malist Aforethought concerns a murder on a millionaires private island. Convert your backyard to a secret island location and relive the 1980′s. A time of big bucks, big shoulders and big egos. Discover what secrets the friends and associates of Maxy Malist know and why they want to kill him!

This game, and many more are available from http://www.itmgames.co.uk/index.htm

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