Fun in Woodford

2016 Woodford Festival A new festival coordinator, Major Paul Holifield, was appointed to coordinate the 2016 Woodford Festival. The event takes place from Saturday 1st to Sunday 9th October 2016 in and around Woodford and environs. It celebrates and showcases the wealth of talent including various local groups, associations and individuals. Events include: Music, Bands, Art, Films, Dance,… More Fun in Woodford

A Murder at Easter – The Egg and Spoon Race murder mystery

Benedict Egg meets Runcy Spoon Benedict Egg and Runcy Spoon were locked in a vicious battle. Both were rivals in the field of electronic innovation. Both were concerned about the problem of sustainable energy. Both were racing to find a solution. But only one could win The Egg and Spoon Race Benedict Egg with Al… More A Murder at Easter – The Egg and Spoon Race murder mystery

Agatha Christie – Miss Jane Marple

Agatha Christie used characteristics from several old ladies she’d visited as a child to create the inquisitive Miss Jane Marple of St. Mary Mead. She described the character as being like one of her grandmother’s friends. Miss Marple has appeared in twelve novels, and twenty short stories, including Christie’s last published novel, Sleeping Murder. Miss Jane Marple appears… More Agatha Christie – Miss Jane Marple

Fancy a Murder Mystery Show?

Murder Mystery dinner theatre is an interactive show. The best shows feature professional actors to play the victims and suspects. They are experienced at encouraging audience participation in the production as the murder unfolds. It’s more than just watching a play – it’s like being part of the action! The audience is tasked with determining the method, motivation and… More Fancy a Murder Mystery Show?