Skills needed for an Escape Room?

The best escape rooms create an immersive environment.  They keep you constantly engaged as you race against the clock to escape. They also require a variety of skills to escape. That’s what makes them good for groups with varying skill sets. And they help team-bonding as the group must work together to solve the clues. There is still an adrenaline rush and sense of achievement, but its from solving a challenge rather than beating a team member.

It used to be that escape rooms weren’t strenuous, although you were expected to move around searching for clues. exploring the rooms meant you got to feel and touch as well as observe.

Recently I’ve noticed that some of the games I’ve played have included more physical elements. Still not strenuous, just a bit of crawling  and lifting. However, the Crystal Maze (not an escape room as such) does include physical challenges, so I suppose, it’s only a matter of time .


High Performing Women at hinthunt

High performing women



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