Black Friday Weekend Deals

Start the Weekend Early with your Black Friday Deals

By Eric.Ray [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
Black Friday Shopping By Eric.Ray (

Black Friday Deal One – 

Half Price Team Tickets for

The 12 Days of Christmas Treasure Hunt

Merry Christmas from Invitation To Events

Time for a festive Treasure Hunt. Buy your tickets in advance and bring your team of 2 to 4 players to the National Portrait Gallery on Saturday 17 December and Sunday 18 December 2016.  This treasure hunt is for over 18’s only and includes the festive treasure hunt, cocktails and prizes.

Saturday 17 December

Sunday 18 December


Black Friday Deal Two – 

Signed by Author Paperback Book for £1 Offer


Paperback Book Offer

Grab your copy of “What Are We Going To Do Next?” for £1.00

This book tells you how to have fun in the city while sharing activities with friends and family and building lasting memories.

A good read and highly recommended!  5∗ G. Jackson

Black Friday Deal Three – FREE Checklist of fun activities
Couple by Gareth Williams from Redhill, England

Your guide to finding fun activities to experience now the kids have left home.

Download your FREE Checklist of fun ideas to get your social life restarted. Click

 Black Friday Deal Four – FREE 10 Point Checklist
Musical chairs, non-competitive version. Photo by KF, December 2007.

Your guide to running a Children’s Christmas Party

Download your FREE 10 Point Checklist for Planning a Children’s Party and make your party a success .


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