The mystery of the missing athletes.

The Guardian reported on Tuesday 7 August 2012 that Seven Cameroon athletes had ‘gone missing’ during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Drusille Ngako, a reserve goalkeeper for the women’s football team, was the first to disappear. Then swimmer Paul Ekane Edingue went missing. On Sunday the five boxers – Thomas Essomba, Christian Donfack Adjoufack, Abdon Mewoli, Blaise Yepmou Mendouo and Serge Ambomo – also disappeared from the Olympic Village. David Ojong, Cameroon’s head of mission to London 2012, confirmed “What began as rumour has finally turned out to be true. Seven Cameroonian athletes who participated at the 2012 London Olympic Games have disappeared from the Olympic Village.”

While it has been suggested that the five boxers, a swimmer and a footballer have “defected” to stay in Europe for economic reasons,

officials suggest the group may have gone sightseeing or visited friends.

The Telegraph noted that British immigration rules allow Olympic athletes, and their families, to stay in this country legally until early November. All athletes can “freely leave the Olympic Games village if they wish” said Home Office sources, so they may just be enjoying a bit of sightseeing while they have the chance. After all, none of them have yet applied for asylum in Britain.

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