Trafalgar Square Experience

An afternoon of exploration and discovery

Come on an adventure around Trafalgar Square followed by dinner at The National Gallery. You will need a smartphone to complete the photo challenges and comfy footwear.

Scavenger hunt near Trafalgar square by Juliamaud

Photo of Scavenger hunt at Trafalgar square by Juliamaud


Artists and Artisans Treasure Hunt.

Many famous people lived and worked near Trafalgar Square. With this treasure hunt you will explore the area around Trafalgar square and discover who some of them were and where they lived and worked. You’ll also find interesting statues and monuments as you hunt for heritage.

The Trafalgar Square Treasure Hunt includes clues aimed at an adult audience, including cryptic and puzzle clues and funny photographing assignments. 

After hunt Dinner at the National Café

Sit back and relax while you enjoy a two course meal served in the National Café at the National Gallery. 

Win prizes

Scores will be calculated during the meal and National Gallery prizes awarded to the winners.

Scavenger hunt near Trafalgar square by Juliamaud

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