You have until 4th September to escape from Standfast Prison!

It appears you have committed a heinous crime and your punishment is life imprisonment without parole. Consequently, you have been transferred to Standfast Jail, Margate…..

With no chance of parole, your only hope for freedom is escape…….and it just so happens that 30 years ago, another prisoner also attempted to escape. Terrance Swift was held in the prison for five years and, during that time,created an elaborate escape plan which he executed in 1986.

Unfortunately he was caught red handed attempting to steal the Warden’s keys. Will you be any luckier?

Prisoner being told the rules by Prison Guard. Photo by Juliamaud

Jail Break by Clue Cracker is the new escape game currently running in Dreamland, Margate. As the story revolves around an escape from jail, all the Games Masters are in prison guard uniforms while the players, being the prisoners, are required to wear stylish orange jump suits.

The prison guards brief you on the cell you are about to enter and who used to occupy it. As luck would have it, you have been allocated Terrance Swift’s cell and he has left a trail of intricate clues and codes to help lead you to freedom.

Once you are locked in you have 45 minutes to escape from Standfast Prison. To do this you must crack codes,  find keys, unscramble words and complete puzzle tasks.

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