Arsenic with Austen – A Murder Mystery Book Review

If you enjoy reading mystery book series you may want to check out the new series by Katherine Bolger Hyde. The tales follow retired literature professor Emily Cavanaugh, who inherits a Victorian estate and finds herself embroiled in a series of murder cases. Each case bears an eerie resemblance to one of her favorite classic novels.

Arsenic with Austen

Published on 12  July 2016, this book sees Emily travel to the sleepy coastal village of Stony Beach, Oregon, to claim her inheritance,  a beautiful Victorian estate called Windy Corner plus a substantial portion of the town’s real estate.

As she gets to know the town’s eccentric inhabitants–including her own once-and-possibly-future love, Sheriff Luke Richards–she learns of a covert plan to develop Stony Beach into a major resort. She also hears hints that her aunt may have been murdered. Soon another suspicious death confirms this, and before long Emily herself experiences a near-fatal accident……..

And for the Austen connection? While she discovers more about her new home, Emily reads Persuasion. She comes to notice a similarity between her not-quite-cousin Brock Runcible, heir to a smaller portion of her aunt’s property, and the novel’s Mr. Elliot.

More Katherine Bolger Hyde to look forward to?

The audio rights to Arsenic with Austen and Bloodstains with Brontë have been sold to Blackstone Audio


I haven’t had the chance to read Arsenic with Austen yet, so here is a review of the book by Anna, shared from her blog.

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