City Adventurers Group

I’m finally ready to launch the social group “City Adventurers” and will be blogging about our adventures on the alternative website  as well as here. Please visit us and subscribe to my blogs.

Who is George and what is a Cosmic Treasure Hunt?

George’s Cosmic Treasure Hunt  is a book that is educational as well as exciting to read. Interspersed with serious science, this out-of-this-world adventure is written by Lucy Hawking and her father, Professor Stephen Hawking. It includes real-life information from the world’s leading scientists making it perfect for any curious mind……not just for children! The Plot George’s… More Who is George and what is a Cosmic Treasure Hunt?

Aberystwyth Mon Amour

Where would you expect to find a hardboiled detective? The mean streets of Raymond Chandler’s Los Angeles, possibly ? How about the parochial Welsh town of Aberystwyth? Well that’s where Malcolm Pryce’s hardboiled detective can be found. But this Aberystwyth is run by shady Druids. There are whelk-stalls as well as sexy dancing girls. And even an ice… More Aberystwyth Mon Amour

Arsenic with Austen – A Murder Mystery Book Review

If you enjoy reading mystery book series you may want to check out the new series by Katherine Bolger Hyde. The tales follow retired literature professor Emily Cavanaugh, who inherits a Victorian estate and finds herself embroiled in a series of murder cases. Each case bears an eerie resemblance to one of her favorite classic novels. Arsenic… More Arsenic with Austen – A Murder Mystery Book Review

Don’t upset the Dead at Halloween.

The second book of Terry Pratchett’s “Johnny Maxwell” trilogy, Johnny and the Dead sees twelve-year-old Johnny and his friends battling to try to save the local graveyard.   Johnny Maxwell is using a shortcut through the local cemetery to reach his home, when he meets the spirit of Alderman Thomas Bowler. This meeting shows  Johnny he has the ability to see… More Don’t upset the Dead at Halloween.