The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook


Described as “Murder, suspense, sex–and some handy household tips.”


Donna Stone’s husband is killed by a car bomb as she is in labour with their third child.

But that’s not the only shock. She soon finds out that he worked for Acme, a shadow government agency that spends its time bumping off bad guys.

What’s a single mom to do? Get revenge on his killers, that’s what.

Donna is persuaded to take his place as a government assassin pursuing a terrorist group called The Quorum, and so the Housewife Assassin is born.

This book is the first in a series following Donna on her missions as the housewife assassin. This is no ordinary cosy murder series. It’s a mixture of American mom and thriller with plot twists and a fair smattering of sex. (You have been warned)

Can Donna interpret the clues? Can you spot the signs ahead of her? A real page turner.

Kindle version is currently available for FREE!

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